Saturday, May 22, 2010

Geoff. Korf. The Man. The Legend.

Hard to believe its been just over 10 years since I was sitting offstage, underneath a set of exit stairs, listening to your voice mail telling me that I was accepted to CalArts. If only I had known what that really meant. We only got to be master and student for one year officially, but oh what a year. You taught me that RGB does not solve all your color mixing dilemnas, what worksheeting actually is, that hand drafting isn't for me, that you CAN make it to Vegas in under 5 hrs- with a radar detector, and the top down- that craps isn't as confusing a game as it looks. That a theatre community is as important, if not more important than a theatre company, because we are in one those strange businesses where it's good to do business with friends. I'm glad and fortunate to be able count you as mentor and friend. Happy Birthday, buddy.

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